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By guest author: Kyle Longwell

Cochlear is pleased to introduce a new version of the Baha Fitting Software (BFS). Several new features and improvements make Baha Fitting Software 5.4 more user-friendly, especially for bilateral fittings.

Baha Fitting Software (BFS) 5.4 Improvements Include:

Improvements for Bilateral Fittings

  • Active Bilateral Directionality
    • Active Bilateral Directionality is the latest advancement in Cochlear’s SmartSound® iQ signal processing portfolio specifically designed for bilateral bone conduction patients. A unique bilateral signal processing feature that adapts to the actual listening environment. It is designed for improved speech intelligibility and environmental awareness in complex listening
    • This is a new default feature for bilateral fittings when the hearing loss is symmetrical.
  • Fitting of the Cochlear™ Baha® 5 sound processor and Baha 5 Power sound processor as a bilateral pair
    • Reminder: Bilateral fitting of Baha 5 SuperPower can only be done with another Baha 5 SuperPower.
  • Bilateral LinkingBilateral linking enables changes made on one side to be applied to both sides during the entire fitting flow. Bilateral linking can be turned on and off during the fitting flow as needed.
  • Copy Audiogram
    • When using BFS 5.4 in stand-alone mode (not in Noah) an audiogram can be copied from one ear side to the other. Both bone conduction and air conduction measurements will be copied.

Baha Fitting Software screen

Other Improvements

  • All beeps and melodies are now available for demonstration in the fitting software
  • Pop-up warning when programming in the feedback area
    • Shading in feedback area will change color (yellow to orange to red) and information will be available to make the audiologist aware of the increased risk of feedback.
  • Link to register the device in myCochlear Clinic after saving sound processor settings
  • Improved firmware update knowledge
    • If new firmware is available for the sound processor, a notification will be displayed during the connection flow.

If you would like more information about the recent fitting software update, please reach out to your local Cochlear Americas representative or visit the “Software Support” resource section in myCochlear Clinic for the link to register and download the new BFS 5.4 software.

About our guest author:

Kyle Longwell is the Product Manager – Software and Clinical Care at Cochlear Americas.

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