New TECH Talk: The CI532 Slim Modiolar Electrode Advantage


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Dr. Anil Lalwani, Vice Chair of Research in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center, prefers the CI532 Slim Modiolar electrode above the rest. Why? Because it simply improves patient outcomes.

Slim ModiolarIn this TECH Talk, Dr. Lalwani outlines the many advantages to the Slim Modiolar electrode including its small size, proximity to the modiolus and atraumatic properties. Further, his experience demonstrates that the Slim Modiolar electrode may preserve hearing and protects the electrode through the sheath function, reducing risk of translocation.

As he and his colleagues move away from cochleostomies, Dr. Lalwani embraces the round window membrane insertion technique. He highlights how minimizing intracochlear trauma may move treatment toward preservation of cochlear structures.

Overall, because the Slim Modiolar minimizes variation in surgical technique and chances of intracochlear trauma, it takes the lead as the safer electrode option with a focus on patient outcomes.

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The Slim Modiolar electrode array is available on the newly released Profile Plus CI600 series (CI632).

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