TECH Talk: Holly Teagle, Au.D., describes what she loves about Cochlear™ Link


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Holly Teagle, Audiologist at UNC Cochlear Implant Center, describes her experiences with patient care using Cochlear™ Link.

In her TECH Talk video, Beyond the Clinic, Holly Teagle explains how Cochlear Link saves her administrative time by providing automatic registrations and replacement equipment without audiologist intervention.

With Cochlear Link, after a patient is programmed, their personal device settings are stored securely in the cloud. If a patient needs a replacement sound processor, they can call Cochlear directly and place a service request. Cochlear can then program a new sound processor with the patient’s personal settings and ship it out to them directly to get the patient back into sound faster.

Holly Teagle mentions that cochlear implant care can be very time-consuming, but Cochlear Link makes it easier to manage more patients than ever before. When patients are empowered to be independent, they give themselves better care. It is important to counsel patients in advocating for themselves and being part of their self-care. She concludes by saying, “It’s better patient care, it’s more efficient for the clinics, better outcomes all around”.

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