TECH Talk: Dr. Terry Zwolan discusses Cochlear™ Nucleus® Sound Processors


Dr. Terry Zwolan, Director of the Cochlear implant Program at the University of Michigan, discusses Cochlear™ Nucleus® Sound Processors and their features.

In her TECH Talk, Dr. Terry Zwolan explains that many adults with hearing loss have been using something on their ear, a sound processor or hearing aid, for many years. This is why her adult patients get very excited about an off-the-ear option, like the Cochlear Kanso® Sound Processor, for their cochlear implant. Patients like to have options and the Cochlear Kanso is a great off-the-ear option for those who prioritize discretion.

Dr. Terry Zwolan goes on to discuss the features available with Nucleus sound processors. She mentions data logging, which allows her access to direct reports on how many hours per day a patient is wearing their device. This a useful tool helps her align with patients as she counsels them on best practices.

Another feature Dr. Terry Zwolan likes about Nucleus Sound Processors is backwards compatibility. Cochlear offers new sound processors for older implants like N22 and N24. She explains that Cochlear does not forget about their previous generation implant recipients and works to make the new sound processors compatible with them. For example, the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor is compatible with N22 implants and the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor is compatible with N24 implants.

The Nucleus Smart App is a key feature that Dr. Terry Zwolan loves about Nucleus Sound Processors. Once downloaded, “it’s easy-breezy”. She says even her senior patients have no issues with using the app and have loved the capabilities it adds.

Dr. Terry Zwolan concludes by acknowledging that technology has come a very long way and she looks forward to seeing what innovative technology Cochlear will bring to its clinical partners and recipients in the years to come.

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