TECH Talk: Dr. Brian Kaplan lectures on making cochlear implants a standard of care


TECH Talks

In his ACIA CI2018 lecture, Beyond the Status Quo, cochlear implant surgeon, Dr. Brian Kaplan shares his insights about the challenges facing the industry as we move toward making cochlear implants a standard of care.

Dr. Brian Kaplan speaks about how the referral chain needs to improve for cochlear implants. He says we need to further educate professionals and increase awareness of the importance of hearing loss among primary care physicians, geriatricians, pediatricians and audiologists. “We know it takes 12 years from the time that a patient first gets diagnosed with severe to profound hearing loss to when they seek out care at a cochlear implant center; that’s too long.”

Dr. Brian Kaplan concludes his talk by highlighting the need to grow access to cochlear implantation and reach more patients over the next decade without sacrificing quality of care or outcomes for patients.

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