Cochlear™ Nucleus implant with Slim Modiolar Electrode (CI532) gives recipient access to sound again



Clem, a father of two, struggled with hearing loss since his teenage years. When he was 25, Clem began wearing hearing aids. After experiencing a sudden drop in his hearing later in his adult life, Clem’s hearing aids were no longer enough and he discovered cochlear implants.

Clem is now able to enjoy the activities he loves and is experiencing life to the fullest—from gardening to playing music. With his Nucleus cochlear implant with Slim Modiolar Electrode, he says “It feels like a cloud has been lifted from my shoulders and from my head. I’m just amazed at the improvement in my living.”

Watch this video to see how Clem is reengaging with his family and enjoying all of life’s big and little sounds around him.

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