Clinical Quick Tips: Patient reminders of what they need to bring to surgery, activation day and follow-up


Clinical Quick Tips

By guest author: Mirelis Moreno

Mirelis Moreno


We understand that your patients may have questions and concerns as they get ready for a life with a Cochlear™ Baha® implant. As they prepare for surgery and hearing with a Baha bone conduction implant, we would like to guide you through a few tips to provide your patient on what to expect.

  • Email your patients the “Your Guide to Prepare for Surgery” to prepare them for surgery.
  • If your patients wear glasses or headwear daily (i.e., hats, wig, among others), remind them to bring them to the surgical facility.
  • Have your patients ask the nursing staff for their MRI Card and aftercare instructions

Activation day

Your patients have been waiting to hear for the first time with their Cochlear Baha implant. Make sure you walk them through the components of the Sound Processor and some of the accessories. In addition:

  • Have them bring their smartphone if they plan on pairing their Baha 5 to a compatible iPhone® or Android™ smartphone.
  • Remind them to bring a bag for all the new technology they are taking home.
  • Set realistic expectations for them, explaining that they need time for the brain to adjust and begin to recognize new sounds. That it could take more than 1 fitting appointment for them to hear their best.
  • Remind them they can go to the Cochlear Americas Channel on YouTube and review the functioning, pairing and troubleshooting of their Baha 5 Sound Processor.
  • Explain to your patients that they can connect with others that have been through a similar experience and they can ask about their journey and Baha. They can go to
  • Let your patients know that they can start rehabilitation and learn to hear their best through Communication Corner. They can register at and they can also share the information with their speech therapist and audiologist.


To maximize your patients hearing experience make sure to set up follow up appointments for them and let them know we are with them every step of the way. For this appointment have your patients:

  • Bring their True Wireless™ accessories with them to the next appointment to ensure that they are using them properly.
  • Bring their smartphone and verify if they are using it and if they have had any concerns.
  • Remind them to bring with them any back-up sound processors, if they have any.
  • Bring a list of any questions, concerns or issues they are having with any of the equipment
  • Remind them of the Customer Support Services to help them through and the access to all the information through Cochlear Family.

About our guest author: Mirelis Moreno is the Associate Product Manager for Baha System and Sound Processors at Cochlear Americas.


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