Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media in adults in the United Kingdom & Netherlands – building a consensus for development (White Paper)


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Globally approximately 31 million people develop chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) each year.1 The treatment pathway for these patients is unclear and there is no consensus on the preferred treatment. This white paper discusses the outcomes from a first consensus meeting organized between professionals who work with patients suffering from CSOM. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss recommendations for referral and agree upon important factors that can improve hearing outcomes for patients. It describes a uniform referral pathway with the goal of increasing patients’ control over their health and improving outcomes towards a dry ear with good hearing.

See this White Paper in its entirety.

CSOM White Paper

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1. Monasta, L; Ronfani, L; Marchetti, F; Montico, M; Vecchi Brumatti, L; Bavcar, A; Grasso, D; Barbiero, C; Tamburlini, G (2012). Burden of disease caused by otitis media: systematic review and global estimates. PLOS ONE. 7 (4): e36226.
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