At-home hearing therapy resources for your patients


Are your patients seeking hearing therapy activities that they can use at home? Cochlear’s Communication Corner provides specific programs and resources that can be utilized and completed in the comfort of home. These activities and resources can be tailored to meet any individual’s listening and language needs.

The adult programs and activities are designed to improve listening, encourage conversations and instill confidence. For children, the activities support the development of auditory, speech and language skills. Regardless of age, these training programs are fun and engaging.

Within each Communication Corner program you will find:

  • Clinically structured programs and activities based on age and development
  • An interactive, easy-to-use assessment tool designed to provide a starting point for anyone with hearing loss or a parent of a child with hearing loss
  • Downloadable weekly exercises
  • Individually designed programs for the improvement of telephone skills for teens and adults  

Every training program is arranged using a simple to complex hierarchy that supports overall development in all aspects of the communication pathway.

The table below provides a framework of what age groups are supported and what area of development the activities target within each section:

Point your patients to the  Communication Corner to continue their successful hearing improvement journey.

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