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Counseling new indications and the importance of early access to sound

By Ryan Lopez, Director, Nucleus® Product Management & Marketing at Cochlear Americas For 20 years, cochlear implants have been indicated in children no younger than 12 months of age. Earlier this year, Cochlear received FDA approval to lower the age of cochlear implantation from 12 months to 9 months for children with bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss.* This important approval ensures that […]

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What is Normal Hearing? Why a simple and consistent answer is needed

By Patti Trautwein, MA, AuD, Vice President, Product Management & Marketing, Cochlear Americas Less than 25% of people get their hearing screened annually and more than 37 million (15%) Americans have hearing loss.1-2  Less than 30% of people who can benefit from hearing aids1, 2 and approximately 8% from cochlear implants have them.3  As an audiologist, this data can be frustrating. There […]

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How the Lend an Ear Program can keep your pediatric Baha patients in sound

The Cochlear™ Lend an Ear Program allows clinicians to ensure their bone conduction candidates 12 years old and younger get earlier access to sound through a non-surgical bone conduction solution while waiting for insurance approval. This early access to sound helps lay the foundation for language and social development. The program is a “loan to own” concept, where a sound processor will be […]

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