4 ways Cochlear Care services can empower your patients


In August 2020, Cochlear Americas introduced its First Annual Service Report.

Cochlear Care is a portfolio of services built on feedback and designed to keep our patients and our professional partners’ needs in mind.

Check out just a few of the services that can support your patients along every facet of their hearing journey:

Reimbursement & Insurance Services

Cochlear’s insurance experts support patients by working with them to help navigate the purchases of parts, accessories and upgrades. Our team strives to make our solutions affordable and works to make the process as easy as possible for your patients.

Cochlear Family

Cochlear Family is a free membership-based program to help guide patients in their hearing journeys. The Cochlear Family website provides access to personalized resources and learning tools to stay up-to-date and informed. For example, it provides valuable information pertaining to the patient’s sound processor, so you can continue to focus on what matters. Cochlear Family also includes the Cochlear Store where patients can purchases items such as accessories.

Connect with the Community

Sometimes the best way to learn is to hear from others who have experienced a similar journey with hearing loss. We support a variety of opportunities to form connections within the Cochlear community. Connect to a Mentor, join Community Meetings, connect on social media, read up on the latest news and stories with the Hear & Now Blog or become a Cochlear Volunteer.


myCochlear is a personalized online account and one-stop shop for Cochlear tools and resources, accessible 24/7. It contains information about Cochlear products, troubleshooting help, tips and how-to’s, hearing therapy activities, tools, opportunities to connect with other members and so much more! This allows patients to get device support whenever they need it, which may help reduce the time you spend on device counseling.

For more information, read the Service Report here.

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