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Science Spotlight: Speech Understanding and Quality-of-Life Outcomes After Cochlear Implantation

Assessment of Speech Understanding After Cochlear Implantation in Adult Hearing Aid Users A Nonrandomized Controlled Trial Buchman CA, Herzog JA, McJunkin JL, et al. Hearing and Quality-of-Life Outcomes After Cochlear Implantation in Adult Hearing Aid Users 65 Years or Older A Secondary Analysis of a Nonrandomized Clinical Trial Wick CC, Kallogjeri D, McJunkin JL, et al. Purpose To measure speech understanding in […]

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What is Normal Hearing? Why a simple and consistent answer is needed

By Patti Trautwein, MA, AuD, Vice President, Product Management & Marketing, Cochlear Americas Less than 25% of people get their hearing screened annually and more than 37 million (15%) Americans have hearing loss.1-2  Less than 30% of people who can benefit from hearing aids1, 2 and approximately 8% from cochlear implants have them.3  As an audiologist, this data can be frustrating. There […]

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7 handy on-demand webinars

Staying up-to-date on the latest hearing industry trends, research and innovations is key in the evolving healthcare landscape. Watch these important clinical and surgical webinars to augment your armamentarium: Remote Care Solutions Take an in-depth look at Cochlear’s remote care solutions that are enabling new patient care options. Hear directly from clinician-based colleagues regarding their experience with key remote care resources, clinical […]

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