New Technology for Cochlear™ Nucleus® 22 Patients

A number of Cochlear™ Nucleus® 22 (N22) patients still use the ESPrit™ 3G Sound Processor. With this processor now obsolete, Cochlear is launching an exclusive upgrade program to help these patients transition to newer technology.

Cochlear Nucleus 22We recommend that N22 cochlear implant users strongly consider upgrading to the Nucleus® Freedom® Sound Processor. This will allow patients to benefit from digital sound and enhanced sound clarity. With 3G and older generations of sound processors being obsolete, patients are at risk of being without sound if their processor breaks or becomes damaged.

The exclusive program for N22 patients allows them to purchase a Freedom Sound Processor using their regular insurance coverage. For an additional $2,000 they can purchase a ‘technology pass’ for the latest sound processor available. Two features of this program include:

  • The patient will receive full warranty on each processor
  • There is an option to spread the additional fee over 24 months ($89 monthly payments).

To facilitate the change from analog to digital sound, the following tools have been developed:

  • Step by step programming guidelines to help you transition the Map from the ESPrit 3G to the Nucleus Freedom Sound Processor
  • Access to a Cochlear Audiologist for challenging cases to assist you with the Mapping process
  • Tips for recipients to help them best use the features from their Freedom Sound Processor

We are excited to offer this exclusive program to the N22 patients, and to help facilitate the transition to digital technology.

* Our research and development teams are working towards making the new technology available to N22 patients as part of the second market release.
** Additional eligibility and terms and conditions apply. Contact Cochlear for more information.
Pascale Cornut

Pascale Cornut
Director, Recipient Services