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Cochlear Tech Talk: SmartSound® iQ

SmartSound iQ is our most advanced – and the first truly automated – sound processing system available. Built on over 30 years of innovation, it is designed to optimize the sound in many listening environments, including noise, automatically to make listening easier.

Listen to Michael Goorevich, Sound Processing Technology Development Leader, discuss how SmartSound iQ works and what’s new in our third generation signal processing platform.

How SmartSound iQ can help your patients:


The industry’s first automatic scene classifier – designed to detect the unique features of sound and use them to determine the listening environment. Once determined, SCAN directs the Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor to optimize settings for that environment. This happens automatically, so the recipient does not need to adjust their sound processor settings.

Background Noise Reduction (SNR-NR)*

Designed to reduce background noises from any direction. Background noise is commonly encountered when riding in the car or in the presence of a fan or air conditioner.

Wind Noise Reduction*

A new algorithm that, upon the detection of wind, quickly changes settings to reduce the noise that you can encounter during outdoor activities such as riding a bicycle.

*SCAN, SNR-NR, and Wind Noise Reduction are approved only for use with the Nucleus Hybrid L24 Implant and adults 18 and older.

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