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myCochlear™ Clinic Update

myCochlear™ Clinic is designed to save time and help you support your patients. When you create a myCochlear Clinic account you gain exclusive, secure access to all the tools and resources you need to provide optimal care at every stage of your patient’s journey.

What’s new?

  • Under the ‘Professionals’ section you will now see the following categories on the left-hand menu bar:
    • Product Information
    • Resources
    • Professional Education
    • For Your Patients
  • Under Product Information you will find many of the documents you need for fitting and supporting Cochlear products in a convenient electronic format. In addition to the Nucleus and Baha Support Pages you are familiar with you will now find pages dedicated to Hybrid, Wireless, Vistafix, and Software Support.
  • The Resources section includes tools and support resources to keep you knowledgeable and informed. Find Order Forms, Reimbursement information relevant to your state, and Rehabilitation resources for you and your patients. Feel free to use the images and PR media resources you find here in your own presentations or advertising.
  • Your education and understanding of our products and services is very important to us here at Cochlear. In Professional Education you will find interactive training modules to access at your convenience, information about upcoming in-person training opportunities, as well as support videos when troubleshooting is required.
  • Do you have a new patient looking for an appropriate hearing loss solution? Is a patient of yours looking to upgrade to the newest technology? Find Candidate Information Guides and Upgrade Information in the For Your Patients category.

What does this mean for you?

  • You now have one place to find the information and training you need to work with our products. We will continue to enhance the contents of myCochlear Clinic moving forward.
  • Some of the content you have accessed in the past may be in a new location, please take some time to familiarize yourself with the updated layout.
  • The Nucleus 6 and Baha 4 Support Pages are no longer available as of April 20, 2015 – they are now located solely within the myCochlear Clinic ‘Product Information’ section as explained above.

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