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GN ReSound and Cochlear Establish Smart Hearing Alliance to Develop and Commercialize Bimodal Solutions

GN ReSound, the leader in Smart HearingTM aids, and Cochlear, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, recently announced a strategic alliance to develop the world’s smartest bimodal hearing solutions. This innovative collaboration will improve the hearing outcomes for more people of all ages with moderate to profound hearing loss. It will simplify the management of hearing solutions for hearing health professionals.

Cochlear and GN ReSound have had a successful history of collaborating on technology and product development, which started in 2011. The collaboration has brought to market the implantable hearing industry’s first bimodal solution using True WirelessTM. With GN ReSound’s leading 2.4 GHz wireless technology, recipients of Nucleus® 6 and Baha® 5 implants can stream sound directly to their ears without wires or bulky neck-worn components.

To develop and commercialize the world’s smartest bimodal solutions, the Smart Hearing Alliance will significantly expand the existing collaboration. It will extend the market reach and offerings of both organizations, and leverage our technology leading positions in implantable hearing, hearing aids and wireless solutions.

The Smart Hearing Alliance will deliver bimodal solutions connecting Baha® bone conduction implants, Nucleus® cochlear implants, wireless accessories, Beltone and GN ReSound Smart HearingTM aids, the first Made for iPhone hearing aids. Smart bimodal solutions will improve hearing outcomes and experiences, and simplify recipient management for hearing health professionals.

“This greatly expanded partnership makes incredible strides in bringing natural, effortless hearing to more consumers with the most severe types of hearing loss. We are thrilled to have the opportunity not only to strengthen our joint development, but also commercialize the smartest bimodal hearing solutions”, said GN ReSound CEO Anders Hedegaard and Cochlear CEO Chris Smith.

Mr Hedegaard said: “GN ReSound is committed to advancing what is possible for people with hearing loss. This collaborative offering will help us change the lives of so many more people.”

Mr Smith said: “This is a big step forward for our customers and professionals. The majority of cochlear implant recipients are bimodal users, so simplifying the management and improving the performance of their hearing solutions will be a huge benefit.”

The GN ReSound hearing aids used in these bimodal fittings will include the ReSound and Beltone brands. The Smart Hearing Alliance will be implemented by countries from early 2016.

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