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Telephone with Confidence

At Cochlear we know how important it is to use the telephone to stay connected to friends and family. To help your patients get started with telephone communications, and for ongoing practice, we have updated our simple training tool to help patients gain confidence in their abilities to communicate on the phone.

Telephone with Confidence

A new 7 week program has been uploaded on the HOPE website. Patients now have the option of choosing a word list, short passage, or long passage every single day. Along with both a male and female voice, we have also included a female voice with an accent for more challenging practice.

Tips for your patients:

  • Start easy… Hearing on the phone is not easy! Give yourself time to adapt to hearing with the implant. Practicing will increase your chances of hearing on the phone and will also allow you to progress faster.
  • Patience and perseverance are important… Stick with it! It is easy to become frustrated, but if you stick with it improvements will come.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others… Everyone’s hearing is different. One person may pick up the phone and hear everything while another may have to work much harder to be able to hear anything. Monitor your progress and compare your results over time.
  • Find your optimal listening settings. Be creative! Use this program to:
      • Test different phone lines… (i.e.: cell phone, landline)
      • Test T-coil settings
      • Test phone accessories like the Cochlear Wireless Phone Clip

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